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He does what the title says......and it's awesome!

Adam Ruins Everything is an American comedy/educational T.V show that debunks misconceptions that have been accepted in modern society. The show was created by Adam Conover and is developed by College Humor.

Why it Rocks

  1. In most of the episodes, Adam uses good, reliable sources to back his claim up.
  2. The characters in the show aren't bad.
  3. The episode, Emily Ruins Adam is really funny.
  4. The comedy part of the show is really good.
  5. The animation scenes are very clever looking.

Bad Qualities

  • In the episode Adam Ruins Video Games, while remaining mostly truthful, he uses biased sources like Polygon, and most of what he'd said in the episode is to jab at GamerGate.
  • According to Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, a German chemist and edutainer, a portion about laboratory mice in one episode was inaccurate due to scientists being well aware of the limitations of mice as models for human organisms and the mice having a great cost-benefit ratio due to clinical trials being orders of magnitudes more expensive.