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"Dragon up!"

American Dragon: Jake Long is a Disney Channel animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and created by Jeff Goode.       


A 13-year old Chinese-American boy named Jake Long with the ability to turn into a dragon must protect the magical creatures that live in New York City, while balancing his life between his dragon duties and his teenage life.

Why it Rocks

  1. Excellent action.
  2. Awesome voice acting. Especially Dante Basco as Jake Long, Mae Whitman as Rose/Huntsgirl, and John DiMaggio as Fu Dog.
  3. Excellent episode plots.
  4. Amazing animation.
  5. Hilarious moments
  6. Good dialogue

Bad Qualities

  1. Some ammounts of toilet humor.
  2. Jake can get pretty annoying at times when he speaks in his hip-hop lingo.




Season 1 Theme Song



Season 2 Theme Song