Over 6 million subscribers and counting.

Annoying Orange is an animated web series created by Dane Boedigheimer, also known as Daneboe and has been airing on YouTube since October 9, 2009.


The series revolves around anthromorphic food and an Orange that's known for making terrible puns, loud noises and never shuts up.

Why It Rocks

  1. One of the longest animated web series to date, having started in 2009 and ongoing.
  2. Numerous characters, both recurring and one-shot.
  3. Several subseries, including How2, which revolves around Pear and Orange trying to explain how to do the simplest things only for Orange to wreck it and annoy Pear, a gaming channel, the main series, and Ask Orange.
  4. Remade several of the older episodes with Google translations, to show off how horrible the algorithm is.
  5. Many episodes end with a one-shot character getting killed by a knife.
  6. Helps to prove that critics and audiences often have very different views on a program.
  7. Sometimes tackles various issues, like gambling and trolling.

Bad Qualities

  1. Had its own television show which wasn't as well received even by fans.
  2. Many will find Annoying Orange well annoying.
  3. It gets formulaic at times.
  4. Oversaturation. many of the sub series are highly similar to each other.
  5. Not for the easily angered and irritated.


Many critics have given the show bad reviews for its flawed humor but as of March 11, 2017, the web series has 5,666,915 subscribers, showing that many don't care what critics think. The series has also spawned a video game, some toys, t-shirts and other merchandise.