A lot of celebrities today are becoming more and more SJW, overly preachy, annoying or bash Donald Trump so much that even some Trump haters are getting annoyed by it.  However in some cases, there are still some celebrities with common sense, intelligence, and know their job is to entertain, not preach.  Down below are some examples.


  1. James Woods: Has criticized transgender surgery on children.
  2. Brad Pitt: Outright admits he knows nothing about politics and refuses to talk about it since he's an actor.
  3. Bryan Cranston: Although he's one of many celebrities that threatened to leave the U.S. if Trump won, he has criticized Trump haters who want Trump to fail by saying that if Trump fails, so does the U.S.
  4. Reba McEntire: Stated that her audience wants her to entertain and thus will not talk about politics.
  5. Stephen A. Smith: One of few sports journalists that want to talk about sports, not politics.
  6. Clay Travis: On his sports radio show, he stated the NFL should apologize to fans for being too politicized. He even showed that college football ratings were up 10% and the NFL viewing down 13% showing that cable cutting was a poor excuse.
  7. James Rolfe: Made a video on why he wasn't going to go see the Ghostbusters remake.
  8. Anime America: Has criticized feminists during their discussion of the Lobelia Girls from Ouran High School host Club in their top 10 most annoying characters in anime.
  9. Jerry Seinfeld: Says he won't perform at college campuses anymore due to the overly politically correct climate infesting them.
  10. Clint Eastwood: Called SJWs the pussy generation and that political correctness was killing the country.
  11. Kevin Hart: Refused to bash Trump so he would not alienate his audience.
  12. Jeff Bridges: Although he supported Hillary, he said he was rooting for Trump to do the best he could do.
  13. Mark Wahlberg: Said celebrities are living in a bubble out of touch with the common person and should quit preaching politics.
  14. Denzel Washington: Criticized the mainstream media for lying to the American people and that kids need father figures.
  15. Tim Allen: Admitted that Hollywood is incredibly biased towards conservatives. His hit show, Last Man Standing was canceled a few months later.
  16. Rob Schneider: Told Democrats to stop blaming Russia for their loss.
  17. Jessica Chastain: Said that Hollywood no longer has any moral authority after the sex abuse coverup was blown wide open.
  18. Ashton Kutcher: When he accepted an award at the 2013 Teen's Choice Awards, he criticized "entitlement culture" and said that the only thing below you is to not have a job.
  19. Rob Lowe: When Bella Thorne was complaining about traffic during the California mudslides, he stated that this was why people hate celebrities and Hollywood.
  20. Jeremy Clarkson (Host of Top Gear and The Grand Tour): Called the BBC obsessed with political correctness and called political correctness "tiresome". Used the term "pc world" in an episode where Hammond was trying not to offend a short person next to him. Makes loads of (funny) politically incorrect jokes, alongside his hosts. Here's a compilation:
  21. Morgan Freeman (Actor in The Shawshank Redemption, Million Dollar Baby, Bruce Almighty and The Dark Knight: Criticised Black History Month, saying Black History is American History, and noted that there is no White History Month. Says that the best way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it, which is absoultely right.
  22. Notch (Creator of Minecraft): Called out mansplaining as a sexist term used to silence men via gender shaming. Said "it's okay to be white".
  23. Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn from ​The Lord of the Rings): Said that "Yes, there are black performers and Native Americans, and Asians, and Hispanics who are unfairly excluded from this awards circus, but many white performers are too", resulting in SJWs calling him a "privileged Hollywood white guy". Refused to vote for Hillary Clinton, knowing that she is "dishonest". Pointed out how "odd" it is that you can't swear or see a male or female body in media, but you can show massive shootings and the beheading of children, which is him criticising the double standards of censorship.
  24. James Earl Jones (Darth Vader from Star Wars​): Jones early “realized that people of every color could be racist, could be victims of racism.” Labelled his grandmother's "double edged contempt for White folk" as "the best example of racism that I know". Ventures into right wing talk shows sometimes.
  25. Ian MacKellen (Gandalf from Lord of the Rings): Pointed out how some women who offered sex for acting jobs are playing the victim.
  26. Hayao Miyazaki (Creator of Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and My Neighbour Totoro): Despite prefering female protagonists, he has stated that he wishes that he could make another film with "an eight or nine year-old boy hero" and stated that the world is a "very hard, tough place for boys to live now". Saw Clinton as just as terrible as Trump.
  27. Gary Oldman (Sirius Black from Harry Potter. James Gordon from The Dark Knight): Has criticised what he saw as excessive political correctness.
  28. Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe): Defending Mel Gibson during the controversy surrounding The Passion of the Christ, which was controversial for several reasons such as accusasions of anti-sementisam.
  29. Elijah Wood (Frodo from Lord of the Rings​): Criticised the riots of Milo Yiannopolous haters, stating that we need to hear the opinions of people we don't agree with, instead of just shutting them down.
  30. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker from Star Wars): Despite constantly bashing Trump, he has stated that people who disagree with his politics are not his enemies and that he would never block them.
  31. Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic): Watch his "When Does a Joke Go Too Far" Video. Makes fun of SJWs in his Ghostbusters video.
  32. John Cleese (Monty Python): Here's one example of him criticizing political correctness.

Here's another

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