Alton Brown

Alton vs. Cocoa Carl

Art of Darkness II: Cocoa is the 9th episode of season 5 of the cooking show, Good Eats, and the second episode to focus fully on chocolate, in this episode the focus is primarily cocoa powder.


Cocoa Carl, a man who sells inferior chocolate products with toxic ingredients is forcing his wares on people, but makes the mistake of meeting with Alton Brown. Brown, disgusted with Cocoa Carl, vows to put Carl out of business by teaching the viewers to make their own brownies, chocolate syrup, and hot cocoa mix, using the pure essence of chocolate, cocoa powder.

Why It Rocks

  1. Cocoa Carl is a symbol of conglomerate chocolate manufacturers who use inferior ingredients to make easy money.
  2. The focus of the episode is cocoa powder, which really is the pure essence of chocolate.
  3. Gives a little history on the origin of cocoa powder.
  4. Learn the difference between natural cocoa powder and dutch cocoa powder, as well as Alton's rule between the two.
  5. Three recipes learned, brownies, chocolate syrup, and hot cocoa mix. Get the recipes here.
  6. Cocoa Carl became a minor recurring character, disguising himself as Auntie Pudding in the episode, Pudding Head Blues until he's finally arrested for fraud and tax evasion. After his arrest, he appears ala Hannibal Lecter in the episode Power Trip.
  7. Alton's efforts pay off as it's stated via newspaper print that Cocoa Carl gets tarred and feathered by an angry mob and at the end of the episode goes out of business and is indicted.
  8. W appears in the episode to teach about sifters, while she and Alton annoy and insult each other.


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