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"...and it's sweet, sweet, SWEET VICTORY!"

Band Geeks is the 15th episode of the second season of SpongeBob Squarepants and is the highest rated episode of the series.


Squidward starts a marching band to play at the Bubble Bowl and rubs it on Squillam's face.

Why It Rocks

Squidward's face blown off in Band Geeks

Okay, new theory: maybe we should play so quietly, no one can hear us.

  1. Squidward is the main protagonist of this episode.
  2. The introduction of Squillam Fancyson, Squidward's arch-rival.
  3. Hilarious jokes and moments, such as "Is mayonnaise an instrument?", which became an internet meme, and when Squidward's face gets distorted by a loud blast of music.
  4. This is one of the rare episodes where Squidward gets a happy ending. Although, episodes after this episode had Squidward getting a happy ending are "House Fancy", "Love That Squid", "Suction Cup Symphony", "Squid Plus One", and "Enchanted Tiki Dreams".
  5. The ending is truly magnificent, as it is one of the most memorable moments in history of the show's run.  


  1. The ending was unfortunately cut off in the Italian version.