This wiki contains opinions by critics and users, some strong language and offensive remarks. Some users may be offended by them. Please be advised when reading the articles. Also, Admin requests are closed due to enough people.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. The main heading for this wiki is Why It Rocks.
  2. Reasons for deleted comments are harrassing other users, the comment makes no sense or contains SJW/feminazi propaganda (which also nets a permanent ban).
  3. Harrassing other users is not acceptable. Exceptions are permanently banned users, account disabled users (i.e. Molemann 9000) non-users, terrible celebrities, and SJWs and feminazies.
  4. It's fine that you don't like these shows as long as you don't as bash them unlike Crappy Shows Wiki.
  5. Only user ratings from or imdb are acceptable sources as well as trustworthy web reviewers. Game Journalists aren't the only critics that can be corrupted.
  6. Removing information or vandalizing articles will net a permanent ban.
  7. We don't accept unsolicited ideas. Sorry to anyone who has ideas. 
  8. Once a show is on the wiki, it should not be on another wiki as a show is already discussed here.