• NeptuneID13

    NintenDylan64's wiki

    September 16, 2018 by NeptuneID13

    NintenDylan64 just made a wiki for bad episodes of television series. He asked me to tell you guys to come join the wiki. 

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  • MicrosoftPlasma2007

    Keep this wiki a secret. Remove this wiki from your favorite wikis.

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  • JoeTheGreat1000

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  • DarkMetaKnight123


    September 11, 2018 by DarkMetaKnight123

    If you dont want the other wikias to be taken down then dont mention them pls uwu

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  • FreezingTNT

    I found the TF&H wiki on Miraheze! We are running out of time, and if you don't click on it, you'll never be able to know where it is. On Miraheze, FANDOM staff won't be able to know where our wikis are at. Please, everyone, you are our only hope.


    Hurry, before FANDOM shuts down this wiki, or you won't make it!

    Also, I've preserved the following pages from some wikis, that way I would paste them (if I get permission to) onto the new wikis:

    • Finding Nemo
    • The Lion King
    • Ice Age
    • The Lion King 2
    • The LEGO Movie
    • The Powerpuff Girls Movie
    • The Croods
    • TTG Movie
    • The Emoji Movie
    • SpongeBob SquarePants
    • The Loud House
    • Vailskibum94
    • PinkSheep
    • The Lion Guard
    • The Future Is Wild documentary
    • Findin…

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  • Dragonborn368

    I'm moving on.

    September 10, 2018 by Dragonborn368

    It is time now that I will moved on to Miraheze since a SJW report on all of the crappy and awesome wiki. I will thanks most the user (including Grust and Miifan) and the admin for watching the wiki, Taking care of it, and making it better. It's been a great 2 year in Fandom and I will be seeing some of you in Miraheze. Goodbye.

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  • Masson Thief

    You may have heard of the closure of several of our wikis (Rotten Websites Wiki, Crappy Games Wiki, Terrible TV Shows Wiki and Awesome Games Wiki). FANDOM staff doesn't allow these type of wikis anymore because of pro-GamerGate pages and an overall feeling of negativity in them. For this reason we are moving to another wiki hosting service called Miraheze. Everyone is invited to create an account on the platform and join the wikis that are being exported there. Links:

    Rotten Websites Wikia

    Crappy Games Wikia

    Awesome Games Wikia

    Terrible TV Shows Wikia

    Atrocious Youtubers Wikia

    Loathsome Characters Wikia

    Other are under construction and the links will be posted here soon, hoping this wiki won't be closed down too. If that happens, contact me on th…

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  • Bubblegum Cream


    September 10, 2018 by Bubblegum Cream

    Oh no.. Terrible tv shows and awesome games were closed... NOOOOOO

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  • DaTenthGate

    Bad news! Many great wikis (Especially some of ours) have been closing down due to FANDOM! Why are they doing this?! I have a fear that this wiki is next on FANDOM's hunt list!

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  • TherealMinecraftkid2349

    Hey Everybody!

    Just today I saw that the Terrible TV Shows Wiki has been closed. It's very sad that it's been closed because I enjoyed reading the pages on the wiki about how bad that show is. I'm gonna miss that wiki. R.I.P. Terrible TV Shows Wiki you were the best place for awful tv shows.

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  • Castlevania FTW

    I leave FANDOM forever

    September 10, 2018 by Castlevania FTW

    FANDOM sucks ass now. They have gone SJW and believe a moron who got great wikias shut down is telling the truth. I will get globally blocked in 3 days , because I've made a wikia that insults that moron , but I don't care. You'll find me on miraheze as DoritoFan80. I will be on miraheze , youtube and I will be a Heroes of Might and Magic III , Diablo II and Age of Empires II gamer.

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  • DarkMetaKnight123

    um i was working on the voltron page, and I just created it?????????

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  • TheSuperKoopaBros11

    Can someone explain why there's no shows that were based off of Touhou?

    if anything, the hypothetical Touhou Show would go on either Best tv shows wiki (if executed well) or Terrible Tv Series wiki (If done poorly)? 

    Please comment there if there exists one.

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  • LoudHouseFan777

    Peppa Pig Hatedom

    September 5, 2018 by LoudHouseFan777

    Disclaimer: This page was meant to be on the Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki, but due to that wiki being closed, I had nowhere else to put it. ''''' Peppa Pig is a long-running British preschool animated television series directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies in association with Entertainment One.

    This show has a very abysmal hatedom.

    1. They come from the Blue's Clues Fandom and the Baby Show Hatedom.
    2. Treats Peppa Pig like it's the worst show in history, when there are clearly other shows that are way worse like The Problem Solverz, Breadwinners, and FRED: The Show.
    3. Loads of cringy hate art. 
      1. Ex. There's one that shows Peppa and George's heads mounted above Mr. Krabs' fireplace (The same with Dora The Explorer and Boots).
    4. They'll bash on anyone who …

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  • Javiera.lobosvaldes

    What is your favorite Mucha Lucha episode? Bring Your Dad To Lucha Day Election Daze Doomien Churro Overload Niko Sushi's Happy Battle Funtime El Niño Loco The Collector Honor Thy Lucha Attack Of The Luchabots Hot, Hot, Hot Back To School Heart Of Lucha

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  • Javiera.lobosvaldes

    poll time

    August 24, 2018 by Javiera.lobosvaldes

    Note: before you vote, please watch these cartoons. Thank You!

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  • KnapfordisCool2001

    Hello, Can any of you guys add pages for other shows like...

    • Hercules: The Series
    • Rusty Rivets
    • Twirlywoos
    • Bob the Builder (2015 Reboot) (Why Not, It's Not That Terrible)
    • Thomas And Friends (Season 22 present)
    • Caillou
    • Nella The Princess Knight
    • Top Wing
    • Coronation Street
    • Sunny Day
    • Shimmer And Shine
    • EastEnders
    • Hollyoaks
    • Holby City
    • Brum
    • SM:TV Live
    • Vampirina
    • Puppy Dog Pals
    • Fancy Nancy
    • Muppet Babies
    • Baby Looney Tunes
    • Daisy And Ollie
    • Mickey And The Roadster Racers
    • Butterbeam's Café (When it premieres)
    • Countdown
    • Pointless
    • The Hoobs
    • Jim Henson's Construction Site
    • Engie Benjy
    • Dream Street (The CiTV Show, Not The Band)
    • Super Wings
    • Robot Trains
    • Make Way For Noddy
    • Noddy In Toyland (The 2009 Show, Not The Book)
    • Noddy: Toyland Detective (Why Not, It's Not That Terrible)
    • Pingu In The City
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  • Jeff35155

    For those that want to see the Milo Murphy's Law and Phineas and Ferb crossover, here's a link for the English version. 

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  • Matthewpowel

    If you've heard of the Loathsome Characters Wiki, I am the founder. I'm just asking the question here for some more opinions. Jeff added Eric Cartman to the wiki because of all the messed up things Cartman did, but it seems as though Eric Cartman is very well recieved, according to the comments on that page and the public in general. Cartman is on their as an average character, with "Bad Qualities" as the main heading, but maybe he's too well recieved to be on the Loathsome Characters Wiki. Plus, Trevor originally suggested Cartman to be on the Great Characters Wiki and Jeff is known for taking characters a bit too seriously. (cough Olive Oyl cough)

    I personally think the structure of South Park would not work as well without him, but I don…

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  • Dragonborn368

    Hello there It's me fazbear1980 and I have a important announcement from me. For now on I will rarely make and edit pages in this wiki due to my behavior. I'm still going to be on this wiki on blog and comment section. 

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  • Slimmario

    It’s overdue at this point

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  • APieceOfTrash

    Welcome back, today is the series finale or part 3 as i call it, so i rather give out special mentions and stuff before we get into the show.

    5. Pretty Great Day With A Girl

    4. Goldfish Follies

    3. The Forgotten

    2. Capture The Flag

    1. Dream Boat

    6. Where The Wild Chads Are

    5. Average Jeff

    4. Too Gross for Comfort

    3. Lost Playground

    2. Straight Illin

    1. Honk

    • The Aberdale Elementary staff - seriously, they don't even care about the children and only care about themselves.
    • Jeff - before we you hate me, I FRIKKIN, HATE, THIS CHARACTER, first off he likes to be perfect all the freaking time, second off he is a big jerk to his friends and third he only cares nothing but himself.

    Alright let's get into the reviewing, btw they will be a special part at the end o…

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  • APieceOfTrash


    1. The Interrogation - Meh
    2. Lost Playground - Bad (Camden's dad, i'm gonna kick your a*s, you're the reason your son is always unlucky, AND NOW YOU'RE TAKING AWAY A PLAYGROUND ALL BECAUSE OF AN INJURY)
    3. Bird Boy Man - Excellent (Sumo caring for a bird, while sad at the end it was heartwarming)
    4. Freedom Cactus - Meh (The jokes were a little lame, but interesting for Clarence to make a comic)
    5. Plane Excited - Bad (Seriously, Chad just has a little phobia, he may be a butt monkey but he is a nice person, AND ALL WE GET IS MAKING HIS PHOBIA WORST)
    6. Escape From Beyond the Cosmic - Meh
    7. Ren Faire - Good
    8. Time Crimes - Good (pretty funny)
    9. Saturday School - Bad (OH MY GOD, JUST A MURAL, COULDN'T IT JUST BE A DETENT…

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  • Trevor807

    Because there aren't any admins there, I want to adopt the wiki and make it better. One of the first things I'll do is change the look. Too bland.

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  • Rebecca Gosper

    I would like an article for Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. Since it doesn't exist, I've decided to make one of this blog post. 

    Brandy & Mr. Whiskers is an American animated television series created by cartoonist Russell Marcus for Disney Channel. It follows the lives of the titular characters--respectively, a pampered-yet-spunky dog and a hyperactive rabbit--who get stuck in the Amazon Rainforest together. The show originally aired from August 21, 2004 to August 25, 2006 and reruns continued until June 21, 2010.

    NOTE: I made this blog post because I was afraid to create a page on this wiki about it. 

    Coming soon!

    Coming soon!

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  • APieceOfTrash

    As Clarence comes to a close, i'm gonna review all episodes of the show, also keep in mind this is the opinions of mine, so if there's an episode i hate, don't take it seriously. And the "good" rate and some "Meh" sides won't go into details, it's just good.

    Part 1: Clarence Episode 1 

    • Excellent
    • Great
    • Good
    • Meh
    • Bad

    1. Fun Dungeon Face Off - Meh (It was a meh start to the show but it was ok)
    2. Pretty Great Day With A Girl - Excellent (now this is where the show gets to the good stuff, Clarence hanging out with a girl only to get caught up with a pinecone war while on a hunt for an erratic.)
    3. Money Broom Wizard - Good
    4. Lost in the Supermarket - Good
    5. Clarence's Millions - Great (Clarence making his own currency called Clarence Dollars after ge…

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  • Supergeek765

    big city greens

    June 24, 2018 by Supergeek765

    let's add big city greens on best tv show wikia

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  • Trevor807

    Mr. Enter IndieGoGo

    June 23, 2018 by Trevor807

    [[1]] Mr. Enter, yes the same guy who does Animated Atrocities and Admirable Animation, plans to make the Growing Around series a thing. He needs YOUR help. Click on the [1].

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  • Jeff35155

    Talented actors Wiki

    June 21, 2018 by Jeff35155

    I created a new Wiki called Talented actors Wiki. Where we talk about actors and voice actors that we love because of their awesome talents anc characters they have played. Check it out!  

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  • Trevor807

    Big news

    June 17, 2018 by Trevor807

    Bonnie Corso is planning on buying the last Howard Johnson's restaurant and improving it. Bonnie's on HojoLand, a group on Facebook.

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  • Trevor807

    New York Flag

    June 1, 2018 by Trevor807

    I decided the New York flag could be better, so I made this. It's a British Red Ensign with the Statue of Liberty on it because I thought it'd be cool to reference New York's history.

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  • Jeff35155

    There is this new wiki that needs some more members to expand it. Great characters wiki is truly starting off really great, and could use some help please.

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  • Matthewpowel

    I created a wiki called the Great Characters Wiki. It's a pretty small wiki now, but we'd appreciate it if you came down and contributed to it. The current admins are Cartoonfan, Trevor and yours truly.

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  • Trevor807


    May 25, 2018 by Trevor807

    One day, I want to make a film set in 2525. There would be so many states, there wouldn't be enough room to have that many stars on our flag. So we'll need a different flag for the film. Which do you like the best? The winner will be in the film.

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  • 763492 is back

    There're two new wikia websites for all of you editors to join and edit, but follow the rules before you do so.

    • Awesome Theme Parks and Attractions Wiki [1]
    • Worst Theme Parks and Attractions Wiki [2]
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  • LoudHouseFan777

    Hey guys, It's me LoudHouseFan777. I just wanna tell you all I am feeling guilty of the comments I posted on the Terrible TV Shows Wiki back in August or September 2017. What did I do? I raged with all caps in the comment section on pages of shows I liked that were on that wiki like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I admitted I shouldn't have posted that content, sorry for being such a Pingas, and I feel very VERY guilty and ashamed I posted stuff like that. In the comment section of this blog post, DO NOT write down what I wrote on that wiki, because that'll make me more ashamed after reading it. Just discribe it in the comment section. So, I hope you will accept my apology, I understand from my derailment, and I promise I will never do it again.

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  • Matthewpowel

    I've been thinking. There are a lot of Simpsons episodes on the Terrible TV Shows Wiki and none on the Best TV Shows Wiki, despite it being a great show, so thought we could add some good episodes on this wiki. Any ideas?

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  • Trevor807


    April 30, 2018 by Trevor807

    I decided that having both the wordmark and the text up there saying BEST TV SHOWS WIKI was repetive, so I changed the text up there to "The Best TV Shows".

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  • Jeff35155

    New Wiki Idea

    April 28, 2018 by Jeff35155

    I have been looking at this wikia for months. And i was thinking up an idea for a new wikia. I call it: Amazing Comics Wikia. A Wikia that is for Comic strips or Comic Books we just love so much. For those who are a big fan of comics, you can put your favorites on the wikia. Just as long as they have a good enough reception.

    Let me know in the comments of what do you think of this idea, or if a wikia like this has already been made.


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  • SpaceProtagonist

    Nick sitcoms

    April 19, 2018 by SpaceProtagonist

    I know that most Nick sitcoms are on the Terrible TV Shows wiki (for very good reasons), but there is one sitcom that I actually enjoy: I Am Frankie

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  • PichuFan190
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  • SeemsGood

    no need to write more

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  • Matthewpowel

    Now that I've finally figured out how to make a proper blog post, I will make a list of my favourite cartoon females.

    5. Twilight Sparkle (MLP) Twilight is a great character in my opinion. I find her incredibly likable. She's smart, but she doesn't take it as an excuse to be a snob. She's not really a Mary Sue, because she still has flaws and she takes a while to admit that she has those certain flaws but she does in the end, which is easily not only relatable but very realistic. I like how she always tries her best to solve problems even if she can't. And if she can't, she'll leave the problems to others who can. And let's face it, she kicks ass. Just watch the fight scene between her and Tirek.

    4. Kim Possible (Kim Possible) Kim is an inspi…

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  • Mrclean2885

    Remember this user? The one who make SpongeBob and Steven Universe pages, now he have banned from this wiki forever. To give a reason on why he is banned from this wiki is because he keep changing the the reason why The loud house is great on the bad qualities side and The administrator or moderator got annoyed by him. Instead of giving him warning, he got banned. Many user is glad that he is gone now. The lesson here is being more mature in this wiki and don't annoyed anybody if you avoid being banned from this wiki

    sorry for my bad grammar

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  • Powerboyj roblox


    March 27, 2018 by Powerboyj roblox

    I think this might be another good channel we could add.

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  • Trevor807

    New look

    March 11, 2018 by Trevor807

    I decided our wiki would look cooler. The new theme is blue, to match our blue logo.

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  • Adriel CM Is Back

    So I have a suggestion for not only Best TV Shows wiki, but also Terrible TV Shows wiki. We should make a Discord Server to discuss our favorite (and if both wikis share the same server our disliked) shows. How do you think of this suggestion?

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  • Trevor807

    I'm also admin on Different History Wiki. We have cool timelines. Admins: Myself, TbombtheAltHistorian (founder), and Todetode

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  • FlapjackStantz

    Attention, I am planning on doing a page for the great 1990's UK game show known as Gladiators, and I have the format ready and able to go, but I need your help in constructing good and bad pointers for said show so Masson Thief will approve of it.

    In fact, here's all the pointers I can think about Gladiators due to seriously racking my brain:

    1. The Gladiators themselves, such as Wolf, Jet, Shadow, Lightning, Saracen, Cobra, Hunter, Nightshade, Falcon, amongst many others.
    2. Ulrika Jonsson and John Fashanu both being excellent hosts.
    3. The events themselves were astonishing to watch.
    4. Referee John Anderson is a pretty large ham.
    5. The theme song was awesome.

    1. As the years went by, several Gladiators would leave the show due to either injuries or scandals. B…

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  • Powerboyj roblox

    Superman Amex commercials A bizarre line of commercials that exist to advertise a credit card company? Which basically include Seinfeld and Superman in some random adventures.

    From what ive seen from it it seems surprisingly well thought out and refreshing to see. It fun to see the two main characters bounce off of each other with funny yet realistic humor. Sort of like a low-key buddy film.

    I also like the joke where the commercial somewhat treats the man as if he were his own hero by basically saying "Credit is better than superpowers".

    Oh, and by the way, Superman is animated, i don't know why considering the fact that he's already human. but eh. it passible?

    Oh, and hes voiced by the same guy who voices Joe Swanson from family guy.

    Nu pogod…

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