I'm more horse than a man...or I'm more man than a horse...

Bojack Horseman is a adult animated television series that started airing in 2014 on Netfilx. It's about a anthropomorphic horse who lives under depression years after his most popular sitcom was cancelled.

Why it Rocks

  1. The show tackles many personal problems that most adults around Bojack's age would have. Things like existentialism, suicide, depression, trauma, fatigue, and abuse are handled very maturely.
  2. Characters that are morally ambiguous and jerkish are somehow likable.
  3. Very emotional scenes that hit hard and stick with you.
  4. The show reveals the ugly, narcissistic reality that lies beneath the dazzling facade of Hollywood. From Mr. Peanutbutter's feigned interest, to studio executives only focused on money, to meaningless award ceremonies that only reward those with established names.
  5. The show's ensemble cast, this BoJack is voiced by Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame.
  6. Two amazing opening and ending themes by Patrick Carney, Ralph Carney, and Grouplove.
  7. The show has the advantage of being on Netflix, so it's not hard to get into.

Bad Qualities

  1. The animation isn't great,.
  2. You will have to tolerate the first few episodes from Season One to get into the good stuff.