I'm more horse than a man...or I'm more man than a horse...

Bojack Horseman is a adult animated television series that started airing in 2014 on Netfilx. It's about a anthropomorphic horse who lives under depression after his most popular sitcom was cancelled.

Why it Rocks

  1. Deals with problems most adults have.
  2. Likeable characters.
  3. Very emotional.
  4. BoJack is voiced by Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame.
  5. The ending theme is AWESOME!
  6. It's on Netflix so it's not hard to get.
  7. Pretty cool intro.
  8. Drama that is actually done very maturely.

Bad Qualities

  1. The animation isn't great.
  2. You will have to tolerate season 1 to get into the good stuff.