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Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!

Bob the Builder is a British children's animated series that aired from 1998 in the UK (2001 in the US) to 2012, and it created by Keith Chapam (who also created other cartoons for the UK, and one made Canadian cartoon for Nickelodeon called PAW Patrol).

Why It Rocks

  1. Wonderful stop-motion animation.
  2. Catchy theme song.
  3. Lofty's voice is pretty cute.
  4. Cool characters such as Scoop, Roley, Muck, Dizzy and Lofty and some really funny ones like Spud the Scarecrow.
  5. This show is really done in a pretty cartoony way, but in a very good way.
  6. In Ready, Steady, Build!, it got turned into well done CGI.
  7. Great morals for kids, such as work together.
  8. Rob Rackstraw doing a lot of voices for other characters in the series is really nice.
  9. The album version of "Can We Fix It?" is catchy as the original theme song, and it reached Christmas #1 in 2000 during its major success in the United Kingdom.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's reboot made in 2015, for taking away a cartoony setting to a way too over realistic looking environment, and for all the reasons why it is hated.
  2. Despite the fact that Ready Steady Build is decent and all, each episode from this spin-off can get pretty formulaic and repetitive at times. Same can be said about some episodes in the Project Build It series.
  3. In the stop motion episodes, Spud and the Human characters look like they all have permanent smiles, making them show more emotion might have been perfect for the animators, but still. This was fixed in the CGI series.