Cowboy Bebop is anime neo noir sci fi space western released in 1998 during a time where anime is starting to get real popular in the west during the late 90s and was the "gateway drug" to anime fans in the west

the main story is about 4 bounty hunter Spike,Jet,Faye and Ed along with their Corgi Ein travel around the milky way galaxay for one bounty after another barely making it in each episode

Why It Rocks

  1. Awesome characters with a deep ambigous mysterious backstory for each of them
  2. Intense action
  3. Great animation even in today it still looks amazing
  4. Funny moments
  5. Tragic overarching story
  6. Wild west setting in a futuristic world
  7. Amazing jazz music by Yoko Kanno
  8. Intense spaceflights
  9. Ein the dog is the reason why many Welsh Pembroke Corgis are named Ein because of how smart and cute he is
  10. excellent voice acting especially in the English dub and Spike Speigel's English Dub voice Actor Steve Blum he potrays him perfectly
  11. many pop culture references and the episode Ballad of Fallen Angels is a major tribute John Woo
  12. The ending is tragic and ambigous

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