He's the hero next door!

Fireman Sam (also known as Sam Tân) is a Welsh children's television series. It is based around the inhabitants of Welsh town Pontypandy (a portmanteau of the names of two real-life towns, Pontypridd and Tonypandy), especially firefighter Sam Jones.

Why It Rocks

  1. Catchy music, including the theme song and the rescue theme.
  2. Nice stop-motion animation.
  3. Really good action.
  4. Impressive voice acting.
  5. Likeable characters.
  6. Plenty of funny moments.
  7. It teaches kids about fire safety.
  8. In Series 5, all the characters were voiced by only 3 voice actors. ISN'T THAT TALENT?

Bad Qualities

  1. The stop-motion animation on seasons 1-4 was cheap. For example, there was a tree moving in the background in one episode, and Sarah and James look older than five-year olds.
  2. After the stop motion series ended, it went downhill when HiT Entertainment switched the show to CGI by Season 6, not to mention that several major characters were either removed or flanderized.