Gravity Falls is a Disney TV series that ran throughtout 2012-2016. It wasn't actually discontinued in February 2016. It was a franchise finale that Alex Hirsch promised for some reason. After journal #3 was released including the special edition, there is a chance for the show to return for its third season/spin-off sequel.

Why It Rocks

  1. It has extremely easy-on-the-eyes animation.
  2. The Pines are very full-of-life and capable of everything.
  3. The main characters who are best known to be part of the zodiac wheel can actually be enjoyable including the supporting/recurring characters.
  4. It has strong humor.
  5. It has action-packed episodes.
  6. Great voice acting.
  7. It is a great example for kids.
  8. Emotionful ending

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