JoJo's Circus is an American/Canadian interactive stop-motion musical comedy series for preschool children. The series is created by the combined efforts of Jim Jinkins, David Campbell, Mildred Seidman, Lisa Jinkins and Eric Weiner and produced by Cuppa Coffee Studios and Cartoon Pizza. The series is written by Douglas Wood, the creative executive for Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs and features songs with music by Jeffrey Zahn and Jim Latham with lyrics by Judy Rothman.


The series is set in Circus Town, a self-sufficient city whose cultural center is the "Big Top" tent. The story focuses on JoJo Tickle, a young female clown, and Goliath, JoJo's pet lion. She and Goliath study at the Little Big Top Circus School, where all young soon-to-be circus performers learn under their teacher Mrs. Kersplatski. Along with her friends, JoJo explores and learns while dealing with challenging situations.

Why It Rocks

  1. The characters
  2. The animation
  3. Has good lessons
  4. Talks about circus life
  5. It's colorful

Bad Quantities

  1. It sends a subtle but deplorable message about nutrition. The characters eat nothing but junk food.
  2. Olive. He does not seem that much likes a lion, He look like a bear. thinks to his unusual mane and oversized nose. He only says "Hi" and does not speak like everyone else.
  3. Jojo can't find her own lion even if he is next to her.
  4. The theme song just says "Jojo".
  5. Weak voice acting.

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