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LazyTown is an Icelandic children's lifestyle brand and musical comedy program, created by Magnús Scheving, a former international gymnastics champion. The program features a cast and crew from Iceland, the United Kingdom and the United States. The program was commissioned by Nickelodeon in 2003, following the production of two stage plays and a test pilot. Originally performed in American English, the show has been dubbed into more than thirty languages (including Icelandic) and aired in over 180 countries. 53 episodes were produced from 2004 to 2007, for the first and second seasons. It originally aired on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. block in the United States and internationally. Turner Broadcasting System Europe acquired LazyTown Entertainment in 2011 and commissioned third and fourth seasons for a total of 28 new episodes, which premiered in 2013 on Turner's Cartoonito and later on Viacom's Channel 5. Multiple spin-off projects were created, including stage productions and a short-format television program for younger children titled LazyTown Extra. The LazyTown brand was co-founded by Magnús Scheving and his then wife Ragnheiður Melsteð. The brand had a large Following in Iceland, before international expansion. Projects included the LazyTown Energy Campaign, during which sales of fruit and vegetables raised by 22% in Iceland.

Why It Rocks

  1. Likable characters
  2. Lazy Town - We are Number One Music Video02:51

    Lazy Town - We are Number One Music Video

    An example of a song that was made into a very popular meme

    Awesome costume and background designs
  3. Epic songs in which are memes right now.Esepcially We are number one
  4. Funny jokes
  5. It encourages to be active
  6. Good Plot
  7. Interesting Episodes
  8. The cast
  9. Amazing acting and voice acting
  10. Memorable theme song
  11. Iceland made this and this at the time was actually the most exspensive kids show to be made due to the amount of greenscreen and cgi in it
  12. Robbie Rotten always has a creative disguise and unique personality for each one showing how in their own ways to be "Rotten" as he is

 Bad Qualities

  1. After the show was cancelled, one of the best actors Stefán Karl Stefánsson (Robbie Rotten) had diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He also had a funraiser for his health. If you want to donate to Stefán Karl Stefánsson, click here.
  2. It got cancelled for no good reason.
  3. Stingy can be a jerk sometimes which is the inspiration of the "[blank] is mine" meme.
  4. The puppets are terrifying for first watchers.

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