From left to right: Peggy, Al, Bud, and Kelly.

Married With Children is a sitcom that aired from 1987 to 1997.


The series starred the Bundy family, Al, Peggy, Bud and Kelly, and their neighbors Steve and Marcy Rhodes. Steve would eventually leave Marcy and Marcy would marry Jefferson D'Arcy, making her Marcy D'Arcy. Al, the father was completely unlucky after marriage suffering from a low-income (putting it nicely) job as a shoe salesman, which in the MWC universe, is the lamest, lowest paying most degrading job in the entire world. His low income is made even worse by his gold-digging wife Peggy who rather than buying food, spent money on herself and left the family to starve. Al and Peggy have two children, Kelly, a promiscuous and very dimwitted daughter, and Bud, an intelligent but very unlucky in love son.

Why It Rocks

  1. Al Bundy, one of the greatest television characters ever created!
  2. Among one of the first shows to air on the then new Fox network.
  3. Very raunchy and politically incorrect humor.
  4. In real life, it caused one of the earliest known SJW fails.Terry Rakolta, a woman that lived in Michigan saw the episode, Her Cups Runneth Over, and was offended and sought to have the show canceled. At the time, not many people knew about the show but her crusade against the show caused many to watch it out of curiosity causing the show to become extremely popular. Rather than get it canceled, her actions caused the show to last for over 10 years.
  5. Well written plots and episodes.
  6. Likeable and memorable characters
  7. Created an entire genre of dysfunctional family sitcoms

Bad Qualities

  1. Like any good show, there's bound to be episodes you may not like.
  2. Season 7 brought forth the character 7, the son of some of Peggy's inbred relatives. The character was heavily disliked and was eventually removed from the show without explanation.
  3. Although Terry Rakolta failed to get Married With Children removed from television, the controversy she created caused the episode, I'll See You In Court, which was the tenth episode of the third season, not air due to the episode's content. It finally aired on June 18, 2002, a little over 13 years after its intended air date, February 19, 1989.


A common description given towards Married With Children is that it put the "fun in dysfunctional." It ranks as one of the best sitcoms ever made.

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