Mickey Mouse is an Academy Award-winning series of theatrical animated short films created by the late-animator Walter Elias "Walt" Disney, the series ran from November 18th, 1928 to April 18, 1953, the series stars the titular character, who is an big-eared rodent that has adventures with the help of his two best friends, a sailor domestical duck named Donald and a dog named Goofy, Mickey is also the owner of a mutt named Pluto, and Mickey also has a girlfriend, which is named Minnie. The series had four spin-offs named Silly Symphonies, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto, Silly Symphonies ran from August 22, 1929 to April 7, 1939, Donald Duck ran from June 9, 1934 to June 21, 1961, Goofy ran from March 17, 1939 to December 20, 1961, and Pluto ran from July 30, 1932 to September 21, 1951.

Why it Rocks

  1. The titular character, Mickey Mouse, is very cheerful and even helped to end the Great Depression, which happened shortly after the release of Mickey's first cartoon and most famous one, Steamboat Willie.
  2. The aforementioned short mentioned on the first point is often considered to be the best short film of all time and is recognized as the start of a whole new era of short films.
  3. Unlike many of the cartoon shorts from the era (such as the Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry shorts), the Mickey Mouse shorts didn't use excessive use of violence and inappropiate humor, instead using light hearted yet funny humor, similarly to Nickelodeon's Harvey Beaks.
  4. Even thought Mario from the videogame series of the same name is considered more popular than Mickey, Mickey is still very popular and is considered a prime example of a pop culture icon.
  5. Spawned several TV shows such as The Mickey Mouse Club, Good Morning Mickey, Mickey's Mouse Tracks, Mickey Mouse Works and Disney's House of Mouse.
  6. The series had a revival in 2013, which continues to the present day.
  7. The revival also features awesome shorts where Mickey goes into many foreign countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Monaco, China, Mexico and even Russia.
  8. Shorts such as Clock Cleaners are the prove of sub-plots done right.
  9. Without Mickey, The Walt Disney Company would have gone bankrupcty.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some shorts, such as Orphan's Picnic, focuse much more in other characters (such as Donald Duck), rather than Mickey himself.
  2. Some shorts are mean-spirited towards Mickey, such as The Barn Dance.
  3. Many people hate this series of shorts do it being related to the infamous 2006 series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, making them think it is for babies, when in reality, it is for all ages.
  4. Some shorts include racial and gender stereotypes.

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