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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a TV series that on The Hub (now known as Discovery Family) since 2010. To date, it has 7 seasons, 169 episodes and a movie based on it.


The series follows the adventures of a studious unicorn, Twilight Sparkle as she, along with 5 (later 6) other mares, travel through Equestria to fix and spread friendship.

Why It Rocks

  1. Despite using Flash animation, its animation is clean and easy-going.
  2. It has great morals but also deals with morally complicated situations, such as xenophobia, colonialism, bullying, standing up for yourself and forgiveness regardless of how much wrong someone does to you.
  3. Its characters are relatable.
  4. Good role-models. Fluttershy for example can be a good role-model for animal-lovers and environmentalists. 
  5. It has great voice acting. Tara Strong, one of the voice actors of the show previously voiced Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents and Bubbles from The PowerPuff Girls. They also got Weird Al to voice Cheese Sandwich.
  6. Interesting episodes. Some also make nods to the fanbase itself such as Slice of Life (the fan-favorite characters in the show), Fame and Misfortune (tackling flawlessness) and Honest Apple (dealing with fan criticism).
  7. Great villains. Tirek, Discord and Queen Chrysalis are some examples.
  8. It can be pretty funny at times.
  9. The music is awesome to listen to.
  10. Some emotional stories such as The Perfect Pear, which deals with Applejack's deceased parents.
  11. It has decent character development. Starlight Glimmer was initially cold and vengeful in Season 5, but as of Season 7, she's changed a lot already.
  12. Very good morals for everyone.
  13. Impressive fight scenes.
  14. Beautiful background design.
  15. Most of the character designs are cute and original.

Bad Qualities

  1. Occasionally disturbing and mean-spirited moments, such as Pinkie going crazy after no-one shows up to her party in Party of One.
  2. Character designs can sometimes be rehashed, such as Moondancer just being a recolor of Twilight Sparkle.
  3. Animation errors are pretty common, though one animation error unintentionally gave birth to fan-favorite character Derpy Hooves.
  4. Can be cliched at times.
  5. Some fan-dividing moments, such as Twilight's transformation to an Alicorn and Starlight's rushed redemption.
  6. Generic character designs.
  7. Equestria Girls, the film series which follows the finale of each season, wasn't well-received, which is something that is similar to Michael Bay's Transformers film series, as they weren't well received, either.
  8. Some male characters come off as bland and one-dimensional, such as Flash Sentry (even though He only appears in the Equestria Girls films and the Season 4 episode, Three's A Crowd, but that doesn't count as He only appears for a few seconds), for example.