"Gotta catch 'em all!"

Pokémon is a Japanese anime series that started in 1997 and still airs to this day. It is based off of two video games released in Japan known as Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green in 1996, and the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The show has been a critical/commercial success, and spawned many spin-off movies.


Ash Ketchum, a boy from Pallet Town, dreams of becoming the greatest Pokémon Master, and with the help of Misty, Brock and Pikachu, he can succeed further to his dreams.

Why it Rocks

  1. Follows the source material very faithfully, to the point where Ash can be considered an anime version of Red.
  2. Very solid and detailed animation, plus the designs of the Pokémon are highly imaginative and colorful.
  3. Lots of funny moments.
  4. Likable characters.

Bad Qualities

  1. The infamous 4Kids dub, which was the victim of rampant censorship and Americanization.
  2. The "Electric Soldier Porygon" incident that caused over 650 Japanese people to have epileptic seizures.
  3. The English dub of Pokémon Sun & Moon is pretty terrible.