Roobarb & Custard Too

"Reboots are never better than the original.", Explain this then......

Roobarb and Custard Too is a British children's animated series based on the 1974 cartoon named Roobarb. It debuted on Channel 5 on 8 August 2005 and like the original series, it was written by Grange Calveley and narrated by Richard Briers. The series introduced a large number of other animal characters who also got involved in Roobarb's schemes. It was produced by Adam Sharp and Bernadette O'Riordan for A&B TV, and directed by Jason Tammemagi; the animation was by the Irish company Monster Animation & Design. The revival used computer animation, but kept the "wobbly" look and plain white backgrounds from the original series. The music for the revival was by Jon Atkinson. There were 39 episodes.

Why It Rocks

  1. While it modernizes the original 1974 cartoon, it still keeps the same charm that made it great.
  2. Very nice animation quality that actually looks much better than in the original.
  3. Poodle Princess and Moggie Malone's redesigns are passable.
  4. Grange Calveley (Who wrote the show) and Richard Briers (Who narrated the show and voiced every character) are actually involved in this show, which is an awesome tribute for the show.
  5. This is actually a rare case of where a reboot is better than the original.

Bad Qualities

  1. While Volumes 1-2 are available on DVD, Volumes 3-4 have yet to be released.
  2. Only 1 season with 39 episodes.

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