1 sitting ducks

Sitting Ducks is a 2001 Cartoon Network television series that revolves around the everyday life of Bill the Duck, with his alligator pal named Aldo.

Why It Rocks

  1. Good animation, even for 2001 standards.
  2. Some really good character designs as well.
  3. Drill Sargent Duck is funny in one way, because she always gives out tickets for dumb reasons.
  4. Some background objects are funny, such as the "NO POOPING ON THE SIDEWALK" sign.
  5. "I hate toast, can I be a muffin instead?" -Waddle
  6. Speaking of Waddle, he is pretty much the comic relief of the show.
  7. A lot of the characters have a variety of personalities: Bill is the peace-and-quiet, Aldo is the friendly, Ed, Oly, and Waddle are the lazy, Bev is the hard-working, Fred is the shy, and Raoul is the clown.
  8. Some episodes teach valuable lessons like “Gonna Getcha Gator” teaches to avoid “traps set by other people” to get you into trouble, and “Daredevil Ducks” teaches to not do stupid dares to get valuable things, and “Fred’s Meltdown” teaches to help friends in need.
  9. Superior voice acting.
  10. An awesome variety of characters.
  11. If you lived in 2014, you could watch the first 2 seasons of the show on Netflix. Unfortunately, a few months later, they were taken down.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some ducks can get murdered by the alligators, which is brutal.
  2. The alligators may be freaky to some young audiences.


  • This show was based on the posters and the book both created by Michael Bedard.
  • There was an episode called “The Fly Who Loved Me” where a fly is trying to protect Bill from danger. There was a scene where duck decoys were sitting in the Decoy Cafe, and a Swampwood alligator disguised himself as Bev the waitress. A scene similar to this happened in the book. However, Bev wasn’t there in the book.
  • According to the book, Ducktown was originally a place for alligators to fatten up ducks for their meat.