South Park is an adult animated sitcom that aired on Comedy Central in 1997 and is currently ongoing. It is the third longest running animated series to date, the second is Arthur and the first is The Simpsons.


The series focuses on 4 foul-mouthed children, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. They get into weird and bizarre mishaps while learning a valuable lesson at the end.

Why It Rocks

  1. Kenny's hilarious death scenes in the earlier episodes.
  2. Numerous cultural references.
  3. Valuable lessons to be taught... to adults.
  4. Has countered numerous attacks on entertainment by moral guardians with episodes dealing with censorship and was one of the main focuses of the film.
  5. Eric Cartman and his crazy (and at times, downright evil) schemes.
  6. Season 19 attacked both SJW and outraged cultures with a season-long story arc. In fact, South Park is one of the few shows on TV that attacks SJW culture and people who too mentally outraged everything they sees.
  7. Many episodes focus on current events.
  8. When people criticized the show for poor animation and fart jokes, the creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker responded by creating the characters of Terrance and Philip.
  9. This show is one of few times that their video games were praised positively (outside film-based games) because the original creators of the show were helping the game developers to create a game based on this show.
  10. Though the animation isn't the best, it has a certain charm.
  11. It challenged the stereotype that animation is only for children.
  12. Kenny.

Bad Qualities

  1. There have been many times where the parodies in the show go too far and become outright offensive.
  2. It almost outraged Muslims for depicting the prophet Muhammad negatively in two episodes. At the same time, it showed clips from terrorist videos (which could cause controversy for Arabic-speaking fans).
  3. It's offensive to many Canadians, especially the movie.
  4. Excessive amount of Toilet humor.
  5. The show is slowly losing its charm and humor as the series keeps going on over the years, almost to the point that the games themselves may be better than the show, but at least it is a lot better than the modern Simpsons.
  6. Cartman can be annoying and detestable at some points. Bart Simpson from The Simpsons may not be a good role model, but at least he is sort of likable in his own right. Hell, even the Disney Princesses are better role models than Cartman (and that's saying a lot)!
  7. The show takes an incredibly hypocritical approach in tolerating one extreme of the spectrum, but not the other. What's even worse is that they are unapologetically relentless with their vulgarity, which is already really hard to bear.
    1. But when you realized they admitted are old-school Libertarians with even Trey one point was member of American Libertarian Party in 2000s, that support on/off issues economically and socially that favors their favorite ideology, thus making their ‘hypocrisy’ more unfortunately justifiable.
  8. The title location is very boring and uninteresting. Unlike Springfield from The Simpsons, where the season changes from various episodes, South Park is a mountain town where it is eternal winter.
  9. Starting in Season 18, you have to watch every single episode in order to see what's going on.


  • Although Matt Stone and Trey Parker make fun of a lot of celebrities on the show, Barbara Streisand is one of the few the two truly hate.