"I'm a princess from another dimension!"

Star Vs. The Forces of Evil is an animated show aired in 2015 and is currently ongoing with a third and fourth season announced. It airs on Disney XD.


Star Butterfly, the 14 year-old princess of the dimension of Mewni inherits her family's magic wand as part of her family's tradition. However her reckless nature forces her parents to send her away to our dimension to help her train. She enrolls in high school and befriends a 14-year old karate student named Marco Diaz and becomes his host sister. However, an evil, yet incompetent, monster named Ludo seeks Star's wand for ultimate power while an even greater evil in the form of Toffee seeks his missing finger.

Why It Rocks

  1. The animation is very well-done.
  2. Very likable characters.
  3. Well written story with comedy and action.
  4. Heavily inspired by the magical girl genre such as Sailor Moon.
  5. With the introduction of Toffee, a story arc is currently forming.
  6. Some subtle dark comedy and funny moments.
  7. Good character designs.
  8. Heroic theme song.
  9. Sorta had a perfect introduction, as to explain who the characters are very well (But it gets good as the series continues)

Bad Qualities

  1. Contains some SJW propaganda. For instance in the episode, Sleepover the character Janna admits to liking the color pink but disliking conforming to gender stereotypes while the cube says that Janna likes pink and "fights the patriarchy."
  2. While most dirty jokes are subtle, the episode, Mr. Candle Cares, takes it way too far. A popular clip known as "Smooch Buddies" has Marco mentioning the various ways he kissed Star (didn't actually kiss her, he was trying to get Tom mad). The styles he mentioned are actual styles, but are extremely inappropriate. Just watch that clip and look them up on the Urban Dictionary.
  3. The actor that does the voice of Glossaryck, Jeffery Tambor, is being investigated for silly harassment claims.
  4. The Season 3 finale.
  5. One of the minor recurring characters, Sean, was negatively criticized by viewers for his design being similar to that of Lumpy from Happy Tree Friends.