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We are the Crystal Gems! We'll always save the day! And if you think we can't, we'll always find a way! That's why the people of this world believe in Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl and Steven!

Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network, which premiered on November 4, 2013 as Cartoon Network's first animated series to be solely created by a woman. Sugar developed the series while working as a writer and storyboard artist on Adventure Time.


The Crystal Gems are a team of magical beings who are the self-appointed guardians of the universe. Half-human, half-Gem hero Steven is the "little brother" of the group. The goofball is learning to save the world using the magical powers that come from his bellybutton and he goes on magical adventures with the rest of the Crystal Gems, even though he's not as powerful -- or smart -- as fellow group members Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. Despite his shortcomings, Steven usually finds a surprising way to save the day.

Why It Rocks

  1. Beautiful backgrounds and music.
  2. Some episodes are emotional.
  3. Cartoon Network made this, and Steven Universe is one major reasons why we can still watch CN.
  4. It focuses on actions and dark tone in some episodes.
  5. It is severely warm.
  6. Likable characters.
  7. Great story acts.

Bad Qualities

  1. Long hiatuses, mainly due to the large amounts of airtime of THAT cartoon that airs on Cartoon Network non-stop.
  2. Seasons one and four have a lot of filler while Season 5 starts with filler.
  3. It had a horrible crossover with Uncle Grandpa.
  4. Inconsistent animation.
  5. Things established in the show gets contradicted.
  6. Story arcs and key plot points get rushed resolutions.