Teen Titans is an animated series that aired on Cartoon Network from 2003 to 2006 and was based off the comic book series of the same name.


The show focused on the Teen Titans, five teenage superheroes that protect Jump City from various supervillains including the main antagonist Slade, whom Robin is obsessed with defeating.

Why It Rocks

  1. Very good animation with an anime-esque style.
  2. Some episodes feature the theme song in Japanese.
  3. Each season focuses heavily on a specific Titan and their character development.
    • Season One focused on Robin and his obsession with defeating Slade.
    • Season Two focused on the temporary Titan Terra, whom Beast Boy falls in love with.
    • Season Three focused on Cyborg and his grudge against the HIVE leader, Brother Blood.
    • Season Four focused on Raven and her evil father, the demon god Trigon.
    • Season Five focused on Beast Boy and his maturing into a fine hero as a foe from his past resurfaces to destroy all young heroes.
    • The feature film, Trouble in Tokyo, focused on Starfire and her relationship with Robin as the Titans face off against a Japanese crimelord and the foe that's controlling him.
  4. Season Two and Season Four focused on two major Teen Titans comic arcs. Season Two was based on The Judas Contract, and Season Four was based on The Terror of Trigon.
  5. Offered a proper blend of humor and action.
  6. 65 episodes, plus a bonus episode that was online only.
  7. Had several original villains made just for the show.
  8. The Titans themselves get a lot of character development.
  9. The popularity of Raven in Teen Titans has actually brought her new popularity and DC resurrected her in the comics.
  10. Some of the villains, especially Jinx, are rather likable.
  11. A game was made based off of it and it was decent.

Bad Qualities

  1. Left a lot of things unresolved such as the identity of Red X, who was responsible for the toxin in Slade's mask, and how Terra came back from the dead.
  2. Characters can be idiots at some parts, and lack the deeper characterization from the comics.
  3. The show was made lighter than other DC animated shows to be suited for a younger audience, but lacked the nuance of those other adaptations as a result. Villains often had sympathetic motivations removed in order to not appeal to kids (a notable example being Slade, who in the comics, had a grudge against the Titans for the death of his son).
  4. The animesque style feels forced and inauthentic, and creates stylistic and tonal inconsistency whenever a sight gag is involved, and just feels like an artifact from a time when showrunners were trying to appeal to anime fans.
  5. The last episode, "Things Change", was an incredibly bad series finale.
  6. The recent DC Animated Universe movies have upstaged the show (barring voice acting) in terms of delivering a serious iteration of the Titans.
  7. Its spin-off was heavily panned by fans of the original show due to it having less action, terrible characters, and more toilet humor.


Teen Titans was one of Cartoon Network's best shows, with its animation style and character development. It spawned its own comic book series, feature film and video games. Even after its cancellation, fans still seek a sixth season.


  • When the theme song is played in Japanese, it usually means the episode will be light-hearted.
  • The theme song was sung by the Japanese pop duo Puffy AmiYumi in both English and Japanese.