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He's gonna take you back to the past, to play the shitty games that suck ass, He'd rather have a buffalo, take a diarrhea dumping desire. He'd rather eat the rotten asshole of a road kill skunk and down it with beer. He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard, He's The Angry Nintendo Nerd, He's The Angry Atari-Sega Nerd, He's The Angry Video Game Nerd.

The Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN for short and originally called The Angry Nintendo Nerd) is an internet review series aimed solely at mature audience age 18+, due to it series of graphic languages, crude humor, disturbing elements, loud screaming and more. It is created by and starring James Rolfe. It is hosted on his site, Cinemassacre as well as YouTube and ScrewAttack. It is among the longest running internet series around, having been made in 2004 and uploaded to YouTube in 2006.


The series is about a foul-mouthed, ill-tempered gamer who often forces himself to play terrible old games from older consoles such as the NES or Atari 2600. He becomes more and more enraged the longer he plays these games and sometimes destroys them out of anger.

Why He Rocks

  1. His series is heavily responsible for popularizing internet reviews.
  2. He turns swearing into an art form.
  3. While his series is heavily focused on humor, he does give legit reasons why a game sucks.
  4. Played by James Rolfe, the greatest internet celebrity ever.
  5. The Nerd's battles with memorable villains like Jason Voorhees, Bugs Bunny and R.O.B. The Robot.
  6. While he was originally the Angry Nintendo Nerd, he changed it to Angry Video Game Nerd to focus on other consoles (and of course merchandise).
  7. Over 150 episodes.
  8. In addition to just playing video games, he's also reviewed consoles like the Philips CD-i, accessories like the Power Glove and even some video game history like the SwordQuest contest.
  9. The special effects are so cheesy, they're actually awesome.
  10. Had a famous crossover feud with the Nostalgia Critic.
    • James Rolfe and Doug Walker confirmed that they never antagonized each other and the feud only applied to the characters they portray.
  11. Has even defended some games like Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and only focused on why they were difficult rather than bad.
  12. Gave us three spin-offs: Board James, You Know What's Bullshit!? and James and Mike Mondays.
  13. Some episodes follow a plot, like R.O.B. The Robot plotting to replace all video games with Stack-Up and Gyromite.
  14. He's not paid to give good reviews on bad games, unlike certain mainstream reviewers.
  15. Every year, he has an annual Halloween special related towards crappy horror related games, and a Christmas special focusing on religious or holiday-themed games.

Bad Qualities

  1. His jokes about fecal matter can get a bit repetitive and cringeworthy.
  2. The Nerd often complains about LJN being terrible game developers, which is technically incorrect because LJN only published games (he said that he got corrected in episode 121 that they were publishers, but by then it was too late). This has led to a general misconception that LJN were actual developers due to the show's popularity.
  3. A few people might find his overuse of swearing annoying and unfunny.
  4. Despite AVGN being a show aimed at adults only, age 18 to up, some videos' intros feature drawings and song videos made by fans younger than 18. No joke.
  5. The later episodes has the Nerd yell and scream highly bloody-murder, which can be cringy, disturbing and hard for viewers to listen.


The Angry Video Game Nerd has such a large following that most of the games in James Rolfe's home were donated to him by his fans. His full length film, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie was entirely fan-funded.

The Angry Video Game Nerd currently has a 8.5 out of 10 on IMDb.