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This is one show that can save Nickelodeon.

The Loud House is a 2016 animated TV-series created by Chris Savino and aired on Nickelodeon.


Set in the fictional city of Royal Woods, Michigan, The Loud House centers on Lincoln Loud, an 11-year-old boy with ten sisters. His siblings are bossy eldest child Lori, ditzy yet beautiful Leni, aspiring rock star Luna, aspiring comedian Luan, athletic Lynn, gloomy goth Lucy, polar-opposite twins tomboy Lana and girly Lola, child prodigy Lisa, and baby Lily.

Why it Rocks

  1. It is witty.
  2. Good characters with special personalities.
  3. Great animation that has an interesting comic-esque style.
  4. Very interesting theme song.
  5. Many cutural references.
  6. Really good voice acting

Bad Qualities

  1. Lola Loud is a carbon-copy of Veruca Salt and a fish from Shark Tale with the same name.
  2. Strange amounts of toilet humor.
  3. The characters can be out of character sometimes.
  4. Some episodes involve child abuse, like the episode "No Such Luck" where Lincoln got kicked out of his house and had to sleep in the rain, followed by being forced to wear a squirrel suit from now on whenever he's around his family and having all of his furniture sold.
  5. It has characters twerking, which is something that is NOT appropriate for a kids show.
  6. Chirs Savino, the creator of the show, was fired from Nickelodeon on October 19, 2017.

Official Wikia

Wanna check out the official wiki? Click here.

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