Maybe You Could Do It!, Free And Easy!

This is the section about Thomas and Friends during Seasons 17-20 and onward, for the older series, simply see Thomas & Friends.

Why This Era Rocks

  1. Return of classic and fan-favorite characters like Duck, Oliver, Toad, Bill, Ben, Harvey, Bulgy, Duncan, Donald, Douglas, Daisy, Jack, Alfie, Monty, Max, Oliver (Jack and the Pack), Terence, and the list goes on.
  2. Andrew Brenner and his team of new writers (even including a few veterans) have made better episodes than what Sharon Miller and her team of writers did at times.
  3. The animation has improved vastly (even though it had always been good) since the change of animation studios was from Nitrogen to Arc/Jam Filled Toronto.
  4. Improved story lines and episode plots.
  5. Introduced new and better characters like Connor, Caitlin, Millie, Gator, Stephen, Phillip, Marion, Timothy. Hugo, Ryan, Nia, Rebecca, Hong Mei, Vinnie, Merlin, Theo, Ulli, Frieda, Ace, Natalie and the list goes on!.
  6. Some characters personalities were restored (except Henry until Season 20).
  7. There are some very funny episodes like "Henry Spots Trouble", "Lost Property", and "Dowager Hatt's Busy Day".
  8. The series began to rely on anything, from funny and hilarious jokes, to slapstick, to realism, to even the show's old charm and its RWS glory.
  9. The introduction of the small railway engines, Mike, Rex, and Bert.
  10. The Adventure Begins, as a forty five minute special that had adapted the first seven episodes of the Thomas television series, and also the first two Railway Series books.
  11. So many good episodes like in the Classic Series, and some back from season eight (and also a few from seasons nine to sixteen).
  12. They had episodes where they get one plot from a previous episode right (for example: Very Important Sheep is considered to be Wonky Whistle done right because the plot is different from Wonky Whistle).
  13. The voice acting is still good, British or American.
  14. Mark Moraghan's narration is brillantly soft, smooth and calm, and sounds very similar to Michael Angelis.
  15. Good songs.
  16. Clever comedy and self-aware humor, such as this era constantly making jabs at the Miller era, like in "The Way She Does It" and "Dowager Hatt's Busy Day".
  17. Creative scene transitions.
  18. Henry's character started improving a little in season 19.

Bad Qualities

  1. Duck looked enormous until Season 19 and doesn't look like his model counterpart.
  2. Not all the new characters are that great (i.e. Ashima isn't as great as Ryan was).
  3. Henry still acted like a coward and an idiot, much like he did in the New Series era and in the Sharon Miller era episodes, he acted like it until around The Adventure Begins, seasons 19 and season 20 whereas the team managed to tone it down a little.
  4. Martin T. Sherman and Ben Small left the series after season eighteen, which was saddening for some Thomas fans.
  5. Characters like Molly, BoCo, Mighty Mac, Neville, Patrick, Mrs. Jenny, Duke, Thumper (even after the Classic era), Fearless Freddie, and a few others still have not returned yet.
  6. Rosie remained a non speaking character until Season 21.
  7. The "Let's Go!" song is pretty pointless and generic.
  8. The infamous "Three Steam Engines Gruff" and "The Other Side of the Mountain" episodes.
  9. Edward and Henry were removed from the main cast in Season 22, angering a lot of fans who claimed it could be the start of a second decline.