Thomas and Friends (17 - Present)

This is the section about Thomas and Friends during Seasons 17 - 20 and onward, for the older series, simply see Thomas & Friends.

Why It Rocks

  1. Return of classic and fan-favorite characters like Duck, Oliver, Toad, Bill, Ben, Harvey, Duncan, Donald and Douglas, the list goes on
  2. Andrew Brenner and his team of new writers (even including a few veterans) have made better episodes than what Sharon Miller and her team of writers did at times.
  3. The animation has improved vastly (even though it had always been good) since the change of animation studios from Nitrogen to Arc/Jam Filled Toronto.
  4. Improved storylines.
  5. Introduced new and better characters like Connor, Caitlin, Stephen, and Ryan.
  6. Some characters personalities were restored (except Henry, who still acts like a coward, much like he did in New Series era and Sharon Miller era episodes).

Bad Qualities

  1. Duck looks enormous (until S19) and doesn't look like his model counterpart.
  2. Not all the new characters are that great (i.e. Ashima isn't as great as Ryan was).