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Total Drama is a Canadian series on Teletoon and Cartoon Network

Why it Rocks

  1. Romantic scenes
  2. Awesome Challenges
  3. Amesome and well-developed contestants
  4. Amazing animation
  5. 7 seasons named Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama Revenge of the Island, Total Drama All-Stars and Total Drama Pahkitew Island.
  6. Spin off series named Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race
  7. Evil antagonists including Chris McLean

Bad Qualities

  1. The 5th Season, Total Drama All Stars, was brutally panned.
  2. Toilet humor.
  3. Too much vomiting.
  4. The first season had some inappropriate and censored moments (EX. Owen's naked dance in episode 2), therefore, it is censored big time in the United States.

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