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"Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doin' fine,
You guys are on my mind.
You asked me what I wanted to be,
And now I think the answer's plain to see...
I wanna be famous!"

Total Drama is a Canadian series on Teletoon and Cartoon Network

Why it Rocks

  1. Plenty of hilarious moments.
  2. Funny parodies of Survivor and The Amazing Race.
  3. Awesome challenges.
  4. Well-developed and likable characters.
  5. Amazing animation.
  6. It's been running for six seasons, with a seventh currently in production.
  7. It also got a spin-off series titled The Ridonculous Race.
  8. Each season (except Season 6) has a main antagonist competitor who makes their way through the competition by manipulating others, cheating, and tricking others into getting eliminated. In a few cases they make it to the season finale. The antagonist always gets properly punished for their actions:
    • Heather: She was shaved on camera and was forced to be bald for the entirety of Season 2.
    • Courtney: Her PDA breaks down, Duncan dumps her, and she gets ink spattered all over her face.
    • Alejandro: He's burnt to a crisp by a volcano after Heather kicks him in the groin.
    • Scott: Fang the shark beats him to a coma after Zoey crushed him with a rock.
    • Mal: He's erased from existence after Mike recovers his sanity.
    • Ice Dancers: They ranked 3rd place, the same rank they got after they were humilliated in the olympics.
  9. Every season has an alternate ending where the other finalist wins. With only a few exceptions (Owen in Season 1 and Heather in Season 3) whichever finalist wins doesn't affect the canon so it's up to the viewer to decide which finalist they consider the winner.

Bad Qualities

  1. The fifth season, Total Drama All-Stars, was universally panned by fans, most notably for its treatment of fan-favorite characters such as Courtney and Gwen.
  2. Excessive amounts of toilet humor and vomiting.
  3. The first season had some really inappropriate moments (e.g. Owen dancing while he's completely naked in Episode 2).