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VeggieTales is a television VHS until (2006) and DVD series produced by Big Idea Productions since 1993. It was created by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki. The series initially had a concept of history little used at the time, which was to pass life lessons (usually strongly inspired in history of the Holy Bible) through talking vegetables, with much humor and references to Pop Culture.

The story takes place in a kitchen countertop, where the characters Bob, the Tomato, and Larry the Cucumber taught life lessons and Bible stories, and, almost always, read some verse based on that story. Sometimes other characters appear on the show, like the French peas, in an episode of the series.

Why it Rocks

  • Bob and Larry are quite intelligent (Larry not so much), and teach the stories right
  • It's Biblical
  • The series leaves other Christian series of fallen jaw
  • The life lessons of the series are shocking, especially in children
  • The Big Idea is like Nintendo's animation, the animation of the series is not very well made due to the low budget of the company at the time, but, over time, it has been improving and improving
  • VeggieTales, VeggieTales, VeggieTales, VeggieTales........
  • It's quite funny, especially when Larry falls on the floor with Tuba
  • Good mood
  • Well-developed stories
  • Incredible soundtrack

Bad Qualities

  • As VeggieTales was the only successful design of Big Idea, even with the success of the series worldwide, the company was experiencing serious financial problems, and with that there was no choice left to be sold to Classic Media, which in turn Was purchased by DreamWorks Animation, which made the series increasingly meaningless and bizarre
  • DreamWorks managed to worsen the series by changing the names of some characters and appearances in this 2014 spin-off. See at your own risk if your dare but don't attack the whole show nor it's creators.
  • For some strange reason, when the series was acquired by Classic Media, the episodes began to have an appeal for increasingly worse parodies to make money with fashions, as for example Bob and Larry constructing the house of the Three Little Pigs or Minnesota Cuke (that is A parody of Indiana Jones) and fewer stories based on Christianity.


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