Villainous poster

Villainous is Cartoon Network's latest borrowed Mexican IP (i.e. a miniseries) created by Alan Ituriel.


It focuses on the group Black Hat Organization as they attempt to sell products to other villains, among other situations in their residence, Black Hat Manor. The people of Black Hat Organization are the evil mastermind Black Hat himself, the anxious scientist Dr. Flug, the destructive and crazy Black Hat fangirl Demencia and the positive bear 5.0.5.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's seemingly witty.
  2. Good traditional animation.
  3. Decent voice acting.
  4. Good character design, reminiscient of 2000's cartoons.
  5. Cartoon Network wanted a YouTuber to voice a character, so they got Markiplier to join the cast to voice 5.0.5.
  6. This is the first Cartoon Network show that is a Mexican cartoon for the company.

Bad Qualities

  1. Alan Ituriel voice acting for Black Hat sounds fairly bland (i.e. he mostly speaks in an emotionless tone).
  2. Also, arguably, the controversy/drama of Ami Guillen/Lemonteaflower working on the show, who is being accused as a pedophile and a scammer in general, and with some people being convinced to avoid the miniseries due to those accusations, when she apologized for the drama, she was a teen who drew teen porn also in a sexually abusive relationship (at the time) and gave money back to her Kickstarter project's funders, and doesn't want to deal with it anymore.